Επώνυμο MaysaX
Κατηγορία Νεαρές Γυναίκες
Φαντασιώσεις I have many naughty fantasies, but in cam I love to do various fetishism for guys.. to explore them , so I m here to see what ur mind has for me :D
Ηλικία 26 ετών
Χρώμα μαλλιών Κόκκινο
Μήκος μαλλιών Μακρυά
Χρώμα ματιών Καστανά
Ύψος 169 cm - 67 in
Βάρος 45 kg - 99 lbs
Αναλογίες 87-63-94 cm - 34-25-37 in
Σεξουαλική προτίμηση hard cocks for me
Φύλο Γυναίκα
Ανατομία φύλου Κομψή
Σωματότυπος Mέτρια
Με διεγείρει sweet words, and dirty talk , Love when a guy has hard cock seen through clothing in public places, foot massage , Licking -> especially ears, neck and back . Really wet kissing , spit on my body, drips of fluids on us. Love dominant man .
Δεν με διεγείρει The classical "rude people" ~Also get frustrate (if)by beeing Teassed to much :P ~Rushy men who only like to see naked body parts ( to whom I suggest better to see my videos, or pictures , than to ruin my playful mood )
Αγαπημένη στάση missionary, doggy, lay on my tummy and be taken all ways possible.
Γλώσσα (ες) επικοινωνίας  Γαλλικά,  Αγγλικά,  Ισπανικά,  Ιταλικά

Live συνομιλία και σέξι σόου μέσω webcam με το μοντέλο MaysaX

Natural, curvy , round bouncy tits, big ass, open minded girl I am a very easy-going person, Like to experiment and to do all to please my man. Don't be shy and let me know all that goes through `ur head . This is an interactive adult place for us to have fun. Let's use our time to make the best of it 4 the both of us ! What I do in free-chat is not for you to "get ready for pvt", but, to show you I'm willing and my body shapes& moves, to see if it is what you search for=> Don't ask me to make you hot before private, I don't like that. I've wrote bellow(turn-on's) why:P Free chat is to see the both of us if worth spend the time together. In private is MANDATORY to introduce yourself , and to tell what are your expectations!!! I don t read minds, and I might do exactly the opposite of what you payed for, just because you could not be clear ,or by case, specific.Like I said before I m new here, and a little guidance will turn the sow around because I am very willing and able to satisfy a man, that I know for sure! I like to do role plays , my favorites: Innocent teenager gone naughty `School girl Nurse Hore Spit shows Spanking Oral simulation Bondage games Galerie de photos et videos hard-core exclusif pour les VIP mise jour regulierement * sur demande videos et photos.Contact avec moi regulierement. Mon attention particuliere au chat gratuit et priv

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mecto 7/9/14 - 9:44 μ.μ.
#6595248 11/8/14 - 10:03 μ.μ.
5 stars
chauve57 6/8/14 - 10:36 μ.μ.
#7177128 30/7/14 - 11:59 μ.μ.
je tador bb trop bien mais plus de crédit dsl
jeje033 29/7/14 - 8:15 μ.μ.
parfaite comme toujours....
Yoann89 28/7/14 - 11:09 μ.μ.
Super show
youngdj 28/7/14 - 10:19 μ.μ.
SLAMM 28/7/14 - 8:49 μ.μ.
neverbeenkissed 27/7/14 - 9:26 μ.μ.
amazing show i love her squirting
#3764095 11/7/14 - 9:25 μ.μ.
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