OrianaJanes Τρανσέξουαλ - 24 ετών
21 ψήφων 4.5
48 Θαυμαστές Πρόσθεση στα αγαπημένα
Επώνυμο OrianaJanes
Κατηγορία Τρανσέξουαλ
Φαντασιώσεις My fantasies are being taken for a man to share moments together, then a little touching softly, and kisses under a low light, i enjoy sex and it is not a problem to explore all the things and desires that we want to accomplish, it does not matter how muc
Ηλικία 24 ετών
Χρώμα μαλλιών Κόκκινο
Μήκος μαλλιών Μακρυά
Χρώμα ματιών Πράσινα
Ύψος 126 cm - 50 in
Βάρος 33 kg - 73 lbs
Αναλογίες 103-69-118 cm - 41-27-46 in
Στήθος Μικρά στήθη
Σεξουαλική προτίμηση men, women, transsexuals, gays
Φύλο Τρανσέξουαλ
Ανατομία φύλου Ξυρισμένη
Σωματότυπος Παχουλή
Με διεγείρει 'm happy when i have a good conversation and nice sex, to feel the chemistry that turns me really on, i really enjoy when i'm able to see you and to fulfill your desires.
Δεν με διεγείρει I don't like rude people, i like to be treated like a lady so, if you have a request please be polite. On the other hand, i prefer to avoid cheaters.
Αγαπημένη στάση I like the doggy, missionary, cowgirl and spoon position.
Γλώσσα (ες) επικοινωνίας  Γαλλικά,  Αγγλικά,  Ιταλικά

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I would like to describe myself as a funny, easy going and uncomplicated trans girl. I like to smile a lot and see the silver lightning of the situations, Oriana always be a girl who delivers the best of herself. i'm very supportive. But that does not mean that i'm not wild and hot. I love being complacent, dominating or submissive, do role plays, among others... Join to my room and let's explore the pleasures of life together.

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21 ψήφων
Coolcoyote 30/6/21 - 4:10 μ.μ.
The cutest ever
damadge 7/6/21 - 11:10 μ.μ.
Coolcoyote 5/6/21 - 5:57 μ.μ.
Sooo cuuute and sweeeeeeet
centauros 2/6/21 - 5:50 μ.μ.
au topppppppppppppp
Coolcoyote 14/4/21 - 11:15 μ.μ.
Nice and hot !!!
pat1367 13/4/21 - 12:14 μ.μ.
chrizen 13/4/21 - 10:39 π.μ.
Franckybaby57001 15/3/21 - 12:01 π.μ.
une merveille...
massiac93 14/3/21 - 8:49 μ.μ.
trop belle jolie petite poitrine belle queue des jambes parfaites une vraie petite fille je t'aime
Patjoker10 24/2/21 - 1:10 μ.μ.
beau madele,jolie,bien monté,un régal!!
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