SophieLajoie Νεαρές Γυναίκες - 27 ετών
6 ψήφων 5
52 Θαυμαστές Πρόσθεση στα αγαπημένα
Επώνυμο SophieLajoie
Κατηγορία Νεαρές Γυναίκες
Φαντασιώσεις watch two women and still a lot of things I have yet to discover :)
Ηλικία 27 ετών
Χρώμα μαλλιών Ξανθό
Μήκος μαλλιών Μακρυά
Χρώμα ματιών Καστανά
Ύψος 172 cm - 68 in
Βάρος 59 kg - 130 lbs
Αναλογίες 50-90-84 cm - 20-35-33 in
Σεξουαλική προτίμηση bisexual
Φύλο Γυναίκα
Ανατομία φύλου Ξυρισμένη
Σωματότυπος Λεπτή
Με διεγείρει Humor, knowing how to speak, gentleness, self-confidence, respect, charm, caresses...
Δεν με διεγείρει Lack of effort and respect, misunderstanding, heavy language, getting into it without prior
Αγαπημένη στάση The Union of the Magpie, The Herbalist, The Union of the Anvil, The Missionary, The Levrette
Γλώσσα (ες) επικοινωνίας  Γαλλικά

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Hello, I am a positive, happy and sensitive 27-year-old French woman... :) I am very open in general (talking about everything does not bother me on the contrary) but as far as actions are concerned, I only do what I wish for T. I am kind and gentle but independent and stubborn. It all depends on the people present and the way of bringing things :) I know what I want and especially don't want. I like people who are courteous, respectful and who like discussion as well as having fun. Heavy people and fit in without prior are not welcome. I'm shy and I strip mostly in private but I remain open according to the proposals and the people I have "in front". I remain motivated of course by outbursts of kindness, such as compliments, bonuses, gifts... :) I'm here to clear my mind, chat, joke and have fun with respect :) I like to move and dance, I love to laugh :) I like to massage myself, caress myself with cream or other... I like different outfits :)

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6 ψήφων
Soleilminuit 28/4/22 - 10:07 μ.μ.
super corps et tres gentille a voir et revoir
sedee 16/4/22 - 9:34 μ.μ.
mmmm superbe femme des seins et 1 chatte d enfer 😋😍😘
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